Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ok, so i have been gone for quite a while, but alot has happened since then. I have been setting up new linux boxes (mostly gateways and firewalls), winning a couple of awards, getting a promotion and also assisting my wife in her new business (Linux Solutions)along the way. I initially had some difficulty getting into my blog account after so long, it wasn't that i forgot my password or username but the entire blog engine on was apparent changed during my absence.
Well am back and all i can say (for now at least is that am back to stay).
I received a couple of comments on my previous posts and wanted to say a big thank you to you guys - Eze Uba and Victor. Your words were really encouraging. Thank you. Victor if your offer to help still stands after so long, am sure we can work together on this one.
So the planned Fedora/Linux Seminar didn't hold as intended but , am not giving up yet, nope, am starting the whole campaign all over again, i will be visiting nairaland again to post a similar article on the forum to attempt to draw out guys to work with me on this one.
Nigerians by nature love free stuff (awoof) so i don't see how this could fail, the seminar will cover other Linux distributions besides Fedora.
It will seek to enligten users on the use of linux, the various distributions out there, selecting a distribution, using your linux computer, installing and removing applications and a whole lot more.
As intended the seminar will be totally free, not a kobo to be paid in anyform whatsoever i.e no registration form fees, no manual or cdrom fees; nothing all you have to do is come in and attend the seminars.
We willbe giving out free linux cds, stickers and manuls at the seminar
I know for a fact that there are a number of Linux enthusiasts out there that would be willing to share their knowlegde with newbies, give me a call or drop me a line
Linux as an os is totally free, you download it off the internet, burn to cd, install on your machine and that's it, mostly comes complete with just about everything you need without you having to pay for a damn thing.

At the top of my post i mentioned that my wife has started her own outfit called 24cube located at, its an opensource company targetted at home users and SMEs rather than the big companies. The catch to the 24cube is that they use almost entirely free software, they don't charge you a dime for the application itself, they work with you to build the solution around your needs and operations. More on 24cube later, feel free to check out the company site at

So Victor, let's spread the word on this project, while me attempt to make linux a whole lot more visible in Nigeria. You have officially be appointed project partner

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