Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The coming together of Fedora Ambassadors
Great things are here at last!!!!!!!!
Yesterday i sent a mail out to other Fedora Ambassadors here in Nigeria and guess what? They replied!
At least 2 of them as at the time of this post. It's super, duper news. They apparently all share the same idea about a planned Fedora event but have never actually had the time to put it together.
one wrote; ....we shud try to c what we can put into action. Already we have acquired a domain name for the Fedora Nigeria project. Pls i feel we shud try to set a date and meet to c what can come up. In lieu of this, we can as well collaborate online since we are mostly online always.

and the other wrote ......Am very happy that somebody has finally kickstartd an activity in Fedora Nigeria. Considering the activities in mail list, i cant but agree that we are not doing anything. I will be very intrested in the project. Infact I even tried to start a project of my own, but i have been shufling from Lagos to Abuja, but at the beginning of the year i moved (more permenatly) to Lagos
Working as a unit am sure we can achieve this.
It appears my plans of staging a Fedora event might actually take place this year after all.
It's scheduled to be a massive event so you guys just keep watch.

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Adewale said...

its nice to see fedora coming up. I don't use it but i use Ubuntu instead but we are also trying to startup awareness for this and linux in general. I believe nigeria strongly needs linux instead of wasting money on some proprietary products