Monday, November 15, 2010

Just what is Apple up to again ?

Ok so here I am surfing the web like i do, checking a couple of websites just to keep updated and guess what I stumled upon ( all pun intended).

I came across the image above, apparently when you visist right now this is what you get.
It appears Steve and his boys at Apple still have something awesome planned for us this year. This year has been such a success for Apple as they have enjoyed amazing success in all their new releases this year.
What's surprising about this teaser though is that absolutely no one saw it coming, Apple remains the king at keeping it's releases top secret.

What do you thing Apple will be announcing this time around ?
A new Macbook lineup ?
A new Imac range?
 A new server range considering they just scrapped their Xserves?
Some sort of cloud service?
iPads with usb drives, full flash support, 1TB storage, native support for divx and mkv file formats, HD camera with dslr capabilities ?
We can't be seeing 10.7 so soon can we ?

Only time will tell, let's just wait and see

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