Sunday, April 04, 2010

Its not news that i am a big fan of virtualization technologies with special emphasis on server solutions.
I have run Vmware ESX and Citrix virtualization solutions in the past in my test lab on relatively cheap old hardware and everything ran without any hassles. You can read on of my last post on how i got ESX to run off an old used and very cheap d530 desktop.
With the release of Windows Server 2008 which comes bundled with Hyper-V, Microsoft's enterprise ready virtualization solution a new challenge faced me, how to get Hyper-V running in my test lab.
For this machine i needed a relatively powerful server grade machine and didn't want to shell out money for any HP or Dell servers, i had to make do with what i had.
The most powerful computer i currently own ironically isn't a Windows based machine but an Apple, an 8-Core 2.8GHZ, MacPro desktop with 22GB ram, and 4TB SATA HDD.
The installation ran smoothly via bootcamp and performance was simple awesome.
I initially had some issues with booting up the Hyper-V but soon figured it had to do with Apple computers not have roms but EFI instead, very easy work around for that, boot into the mac first , then from within the mac set the startup drive to the Hyper-V drive and everything works perfectly.
So for those of you out there, looking at virtualization Hyper-V and looking for decent performance, you can't go wrong. The answer is that Hyper-V will run on the MacPro, no issues.

PS: I also heard a friend was able to do same off his 15" macbook pro laptop. If this 2 machines work, i really don't see why you can't get an imac to run as well

Hope this helps someone out there.

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