Tuesday, September 05, 2006

So here's my first post ever and am so glad it on fedora.
Unfortunately i did not get to install or configure any linux computer today so i won't be telling you i did.
The life of a Sys Admin is a tough one my friends, i run an IT department with staff strength of just about over one, yeah i said one and that mean there's two of us. The new guy is "new" so he's still trying to find his footing and am doing my best to help assist me.
As if my job load wasn't enough my boss just handed control of the pbx system in the office to my department, now we do systems management, Network maintainace, central ups maintaince, help desk, database administation, email and collaboration management, document management and believe me when i say the list just goes on and on, it just won't stop.( We got a staff strength of almost 150)
Back to linux, i actually powered it on this morning on my laptop via my vmware workstation and finally got vmware tools to run on it, the virtual machine runs much smoother with the tools installed. Check out the link below if you need help on the matter


Am wondering if i have said enough on fedora to justify my first statment.

Open source is just fantastic, its remarkably unbelieveable, the stuff you get for nothing will just about blow you away, fedora linux comes bundled with a very competent office suite + project management application that is very compatible with microsoft's office suite. A default installation will serve you well as a desktop pc complete with mozilla's firefox for web browsing, thunderbird for email and even an instant messaging application.
Taking your fedora a bit further will empower you to actually run a server, a fedora box will serve just about anything and guess what?.. it will do it for free... yeah enterprise grade computing and server computer for zilch, nothing, nada.
I wont say am an advanced user of linux and that's the fun part, you really only need to be able to run your windows machines and you should be confortable in less than an hour or playing around


Victor said...

Looks great. I have added you to my yahoo messenger. I am interested in the training. I work with Vanguard Media Limited as the Personnel Officer and I manage a network of young Nigerian Professionals (NiPRO).

Please let me know if you see this.



oludare said...

awesome.... this is great,i need a taste to be able to preach the gospel.thanks dare